Key Facts

  • Ethical Bamboo Plantation
  • $20 bn worldwide demand in next 4 years
  • High ROI based on conservative assumptions
  • Unrivalled benefits for the environment
  • Positive impact on local communities

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Ethical Investment - Earn 145%+ over 8 years

Bamboo as an Ethical Investment

We all know that our tropical rainforests are shrinking at a frighteningly fast rate and that the world's population is expanding at an equally rapid pace. This is in no small part due to the increase in demand for tropical hardwood - consumption has increased over 2500% in the last 40 years - but this insatiable appetite causes irreparable damage to the planet's forests.

The global community is now starting to take steps to protect the worlds remaining natural forestry, which currently supplies over 99% of the market's timber. As a result, we are seeing sustainable plantation timber and related products becoming not only the ethically correct solution - but also an increasingly popular option for the shrewd investor.

Invest in a Sustainable Bamboo Plantation

Choosing the right company with the right track record is of paramount importance when assessing any kind of investment. Our partner - one of the world's leading forestry companies with 31 plantations, offices in 9 countries and over 600 employees - invites you to invest in your own Bamboo that will then planted, managed, harvested annually and sold on your behalf. The profits will be paid direct into your bank account each year.

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